Dad And The Blessed Craft Fair

Saturday, February 20, 2016

First, I need to begin by announcing that I am not the only Daisie who participated in the Craft Fair. Dad entered the rug he braided while here at the park. It is beautiful and he won a third place ribbon.


My Dad and his rug.  Pleased as punch!

The category he had to enter it in was: “Large Crafts 20” or More.” That covers a lot of territory. He competed with pretty much everything else that wasn’t knitted, crocheted, or quilted.  In other words, there was a lot of competition, but his entry shown above the rest.


Dad, demonstrating how it’s done.

In addition, he was a demonstrator. The Craft Room ladies set him up at a table where he braided and chatted with folks about his craft. I worked the Craft Fair, and every time I looked over, he had a crowd of folks (mostly women) oohhing and aahhing over his wonderful work.


Dad, (in the background) with a large crowd of folks watching him work.

We are thinking he had a pretty good time being a part of this event. I’m pretty sure he’ll be doing this again next year. The warm climate and the ability to sit outside while braiding and preparing to braid are a good combination. I’ve mentioned before that preparing the fabric to braid, which means tearing clothing apart, cutting blankets and small frayed pieces of clothing into strips creates a mess slightly smaller than what happens in the laundry room. Having all of this process outside – coupled with an ample amount of sporadic wind, makes for a cleaner site. These little stray pieces of string and fiber blow away or, even better, are carted away by little birds making nests. Just like Cinderella, the desert fauna are helping me out. And, for this simple task, I am eternally grateful.

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