Thursday, February 25, 2016


Bougainvillea.  Not a native flower, but beautiful and it yielded some pretty good pounded flower flags

The January rains from the El Niño effect gave rise to early flowers and more little weed-like plants than I have ever seen at FOY. It was beautiful.


The local weed-type flowers.  They sprung up everywhere.


These, too, popped up all around the park.

The cacti were in bloom, and the desert was in bloom. I am not an adventurous desert type, so I didn’t wander very far afield. I took Stella out for potty breaks, but the portion of the desert where we went didn’t have much to offer. I did hear from others that things out in the wild were beautiful. The park is home to many wonderful, although potentially non-native cacti, and I think they are pretty special.


These were in the park, and yes, those are the very formidable thorns.


We were too late for the flowers, but just in time for the fruit.


Again, more fruit on a cactus.


A close up view of the fruit.


A birds nest in a cactus… goes on!


A commercial field of phlox growing near the park.  It was unexpected and beautiful!






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