What’s Better Than a Day That Starts With A Backhoe? (answer: Nothing. That’s as Good As It Gets.)



That’s what I’m talking about…..

Friday, March 4, 2016

We take our entertainment as we can get it. That’s the nature of the Daisies. And, as you can tell from the title of this tale, we don’t shy away from construction or destruction or anyone that is working on a project that we are or are not working on. I think that covers it all. We like building and fixing things. We like to watch.

Saturday, February 27 began around 5:00am when Stella awoke, barking. She doesn’t ever feel the need to bark, or wake up early, so it was a double whammy. It was dark, and I figured the neighbor’s cat or one of the park’s feral cats was lurking about. I suggested that she go back to bed, and covered her up. She obliged. Little did I know, that she knew, something was amiss.


She knew what was going on, and she put them on warning.  (She doesn’t like to have her nap time interupted.)

When we got up one hour later, that would be 6:00am, our usual wake-up time, I looked outside and saw water. Lots of water. Water flooding the empty sites beside us. Water creating a lake in front of the site across the street from us. Water running down the middle of the street in a river.


The neighbor’s site


The lake


The river

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon your perspective, it was NOT emanating from our site or from the Hag, but from under our neighbor’s permanent site. To be a little more specific, it was pouring out from under the back end of his trailer which was permanently anchored to his site.


Water, where it’s not supposed to be.


So much water, under their trailer.

We were told that the setting event for the next happening occurred when this river of water reached the maintenance yard, approximately a quarter-mile away. I guess they knew bad things were happening somewhere, so they followed the water trail back to its source. As the neighbors were beginning to congregate, around 6:30am, an official looking man drove down the street in his large pick-up. This ushered in the beginning of a lot of comings and goings. It was deemed that the problem was, in fact, a broken park water line. This seems to be somewhat of a regular occurrence, here at this little 50 year-old park in the middle of nowhere, as this was the 7th time in two months they had dealt with this sort of thing elsewhere in the park. This situation was a little more problematic in that this pipe broke UNDER, as in the middle of, the permanently placed RV.


Dad and I went outside to watch.

This discovery led to the appearance of a large backhoe.


The backhoe

They proceeded to dig a gigantic hole, which immediately filled up with water.


Water in the hole


Then they went to the other side of the mobile and dug another hole, which also filled up with water. I was told that they abandoned the “bad line” under the rig and used another line.


Digging up the other side


Water in the other hole

I’m sure I made the workers nervous with my immortalizing of the event through photos. They need not worry. Their work provided excitement for the parade of FOYites who came down for a look.


Yes, that is a sledge hammer.  Yes, he is breaking up concrete while standing in the hole.  And, yes, his feet are directly below the falling concrete.


Pumping the water out of the hole.

When all was said and done, some days later (when the water in the hole dried up) they brought in sand and filled things up and smoothed them out.


Who wouldn’t love this old truck?  It hauled off the dirt.


It’s just like it never happened.




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2 Responses to What’s Better Than a Day That Starts With A Backhoe? (answer: Nothing. That’s as Good As It Gets.)

  1. Paula Hammond says:

    You make a great sidewalk superintendent ! Maybe you can get a job on the highway crew.

  2. msdaisie says:

    Hahahahaha Paula Jo!! I need a little something to fill all my idle hours! (Actually, that would make my Dad proud.) My son has always told me, “If you don’t take pictures, then it didn’t really happen.”

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