Tuesday, March 8, 2016

One of the activities that folks around here enjoy is thrift store shopping. It’s possible that everyone of a certain age likes this activity? I don’t know this for certain, but what I do know is that I also enjoy this treasure hunt. This makes me truly in luck, as Dad the rug braider, is always on the lookout for wool for his rug making. Almost all of the wool he uses comes from such adventures. This year, this particular quest has taken us to every yard sale in the park and has also led us to branch out into the Palm Springs market.


Dad, doing his sorting task of wool things.

Without going into excruciating detail, we, (actually Dad – I was just the driver) discovered thrift store heaven in the form of a local chain of thrift stores. Angel View is an organization that supports and employs folks with developmental disabilities. They have well over a dozen thrift stores in the Coachella Valley. We hit up a couple of these stores on one of our “thrifting missions,” and Dad happened to ask an employee where things that didn’t sell ended up. He was informed that those items were sent to the Clearance Center located in Palm Springs.


Dad, getting ready to enter thrifting heaven, aka Angel View Clearance Center.

There, they end up in large bins or tables and are sold at a big discount. This sort of thing is right up Dad’s alley. He loves a good bargain. This particular store is a treasure trove and Dad found wool blankets, jackets, etc.


And, here we are, rummaging through the bins.  Dad is to the right of the door.  From my vantage point, the fabric bin is in the lower right hand corner. Nirvana.

We went several times. Much to my delight, they had a bin filled with yardage. (fabric) I will suffice it to say, we are returning home with more than we came with. And, packing all these treasures might become an issue. We don’t know, and we won’t tell. It’s our little secret. Just like the packing job we did when we came; no one was the wiser and it will all worked out.

The most interesting part of this little story is that, before we came down to this spot in the middle of nowhere, Dad was adamant that he would be finding a lot of cast off wool items here in the desert. I assured him this was most likely, NOT going to happen. I listen to “Prairie Home Companion.” I hear what people from the cold country do when they head to a warm climate. Garrison Keillor’s people ditch their wool things back home and pack a bag with shorts, T-shirts, and a swimsuit, happily leaving that old life behind as they venture to a warmer existence. I now can only assume that those people must not relocate to the Palm Springs area. Based on our experience, once again Dad was right. There is wool to be found here in the incredibly HOT desert. It is not uncommon to find things woolen garments, etc. at the local thrift stores and yard sales. Dad found 5 blankets, 6 coats, and 12 suit coats. Who would have thought? Let’s just say that two out of three Daisies, minus Stella who remains mum on this issue, are once again, WRONG.

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