Thar She Blows!

Friday, March 11, 2016

If you have spent an extended amount of time in the Cochella Valley, you understand that heat and wind, especially wind, are forces to be reckoned with. We have had heat this winter season. Hot, uncomfortable, in the 90’s-heat, for days at a time and not cooling down much at night. If you are living in a cold climate, this sounds like a lot of whining, and maybe it is. But, we have been overheated for a long time, and I don’t think it’s just me. Other lady-friends have also complained about the heat. They tell me this is VERY unusual weather for this time of year. Personally, I think it’s selective remembering. It seems to heat up when we arrive and not cool down until we leave. Stella agrees with me. She doesn’t like the excessive heat and prefers to stay inside and nap. A blackish dog in the heat (well, blue really, but that’s just being elitist) tends to have trouble on these overly hot days.


Napping on Grandpa’s bed.  It’s comfy.

And then there’s the wind. It comes from nowhere and if it should happen to be accompanied by heat, really makes life less than enjoyable. Wind in the desert equals a lot of blowing dust, and blowing dust makes for difficulty breathing. So, I take my allergy medicine, and we bring in the awning, which causes the Hag to heat up. This forces us to turn on the AC, which may or may not be working as it should. Life’s little problems.

On this particular day, a big storm was on its way to the San Diego area. Weather forecasting ends just east of San Diego and Los Angeles, and slightly south of Palm Springs. In other words, nothing was predicted for our area other than a little wind. Dad was outside, happily cutting and sewing his latest collection of wool.


Dad braiding and I’m making paper mache teacups.


Dad’s rug.  It’s a beauty!


Teacups, not quite finished.

As the day progressed, so did the wind. Attempting to do anything outside during one of these wind events adds an element of difficulty and frustration that I don’t really care for. I suggested to Dad that he come in and pursue another hobby, but he didn’t want to do that. When the wind was such that sewing was almost impossible to accomplish, he relented and came inside. Or rather, he came inside and set up shop on the dinette. This temporary displacement caused me go to the Craft Room. I stayed there for a long time.


Dad, sewing at the dinette.

Upon my return, (around dinner time) the sky had turned dark, the wind was howling, and the neighbor said we were in for rain AND stronger wind.


Another storm’s a brewin’

So, we packed all our outside things by shoving them further under the Hag, turned the tables upside down, collapsed the chairs, and went inside.   This was at least the fourth time we had done this maneuver this season.  The neighbor was correct. We had wind and a little rain on the roof as we slept.  So, as they say, there ends another day in “paradise.”


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