Stella the Wonderful


Saturday, March 19, 2016


Our Sweet Stella survived her final test in the “Life with the Dasies Lifestyle Endurance Test.” She made it through two hot months in the desert, in the middle of nowhere. It’s unanimous that she is an easy gal to travel with. She likes to ride in both the car and the motor home and will take those opportunities to catch up on a little rest.


Keeping an eye on Grandpa at the gas station.

She will potty on command, which works well for both of us. She doesn’t lick and she doesn’t bark and I can trim her nails with a doggie Dremel tool. In other words, she’s perfect. Add to that her lovely collar collection, and there really isn’t anything not to like.

Just as with dear Wiley, the little dogs don’t care for her.   They ALWAYS bark at her and if allowed to get close enough, they will usually bare their teeth or snap at her. She simply shrugs this misunderstanding off and goes the other way. One of our neighbors at FOY has a rescue dog named Bobby, who is much smaller than Stella, but a bit more athletic. Who am I kidding…..Bobby climbs mountains and runs alongside his person when he rides his bicycle. Bobby is an athlete. Bobby’s people would like him to be more courteous towards Stella. I happened to be down the street chatting with a neighbor and saw Bobby and his person stopping to visit with Stella and Craig. I had a bird’s eye view of Bobby’s little face, and shouted out to Craig, “CRAIG! He’s “smiling” at her!” The lady I was talking to quickly said, “Uhhhh……..I don’t think he’s “smiling.” I told her I knew that, based on the fact that all the hair on his back from his head to his tail was standing up. Bobby’s father figure told him to “be nice.” Bobby doesn’t care about such things. I don’t think he likes our girl.

But, all was not unfriendly during our stay. Our FOY neighbor, Linda had given Wiley a golf cart ride last year and thought that Stella should have the same opportunity. There was no problem getting her to hop up on the seat. She jumped up, sat down and leaned against Linda. We circled the block and I think Stella would have ridden around the rest of the day, if given the opportunity. Dogs seem to love the golf cart life.


Stella goes for a ride with Linda.

Our girl is partial to car rides also, and goes with us whenever we leave the park. She is a delightful backseat companion for me.


We share the backseat and the view.

Because we travel as a pack to run our errands, there is always at least one person who doesn’t want to leave the car. This person serves as Stella’s chaperone, if you will, and is in charge of keeping the windows open or the AC on, or both. On one of our shopping adventures to Palm Springs, we decided to stop for lunch at highly recommended German deli. Since it was another one of those sweltering days, we decided to get our food “to go” and eat in the car. I asked the host if they could do this because we didn’t want to leave our dog in the car. He great gusto, he said, “We have patio seating, so bring your dog in and you won’t have to sit in the car to eat!” And so, Stella had her first restaurant lunch. For her it was a bowl of water, and we had thick, wonderful sandwiches and desserts.


Sherman’s, with the outside patio seating to the left.

Again, it was the curse of the little dogs. As we walked in, Stella with her head held high and me on the other end of the leash, a little dog who was sitting on his elderly owner’s lap proceeded to bark, snap, growl, lunge, and carry on with such ferociousness that the owner was barely able to keep the dog on his lap. This started the dog at the next table to bark and carry on. And then there were the other diners in the restaurant who looked at us like we were walking a killer through the restaurant. Stella, of course, didn’t make a sound. (She’s perfect, you know.) We made it to our table and she parked herself next to me with her head on my lap, until she got tired of standing, (about 5 minutes) and then she laid down and took a short nap.


It’s pie for dessert!


A banana creme tart for Dad


Carrot cake for me

Things did get a little dicey when a pigeon landed a few feet from her. She’s okay with the locals, just not the local wildlife. Fortunately, the pigeon understood my shooing away using the large menu as a fan, and walked to another table. Our little huntress didn’t get the opportunity to show off her well-honed skills, which I guarantee, made digestion much easier for everyone concerned.


Sandwich on the table, Stella underneath

But, for our dear Stella perhaps the greatest event for her, to date, is the neighbor’s new puppy.


Our new neighbor-dog, “Pups,” with her (step) sister the White Dog.

Upon our arrival back at the farm, the dogs all met at the fence, with “Pups” tagging along behind Stella’s friend, the white dog.


Having a “moment” at the fence.


Stella looked Pups over and you could see that “light bulb moment” when she realized it was a BABY and this baby looked just like her (almost…..Pups is a German Shepherd, but her dark fur and light markings definitely give her that dobie-baby appearance.) Stella and Pups ran back and forth, and back and forth, which made her white dog friend VERY unhappy.


Stella and Pups

She complained to me, several times, once barking until I walked up from the yard to the fence to see what was the matter.


All three, running the fence line.

She barked and barked and then looked at Stella, and then at me as if to say, “She’s doing it again. Make her stop playing with Pups and play with me.”

It’s a general theme. These are the things that put the life in life. Green grass, the love of a sweet dog, spring, and our animal friends here at the farm. Life. Is. Good.


Blissfully napping.  I ask you, what could be sweeter?

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