We’re Out of Here

Friday, March 18, 2016


That’s right……we “left here.”

Yes, it’s true. On Monday we left the “island,” so to speak, and started the journey home.


As a point of clarification, this is FOY.  Everything in the photo is FOY.  (Okay, the hump in the foreground is the county dump.  Yes, you can see it.  No, it doesn’t smell. Yes, it makes folks feel guilty, especially me.)  There is nothing else out here.  We really are in the desert, in the middle of nowhere.  I’m not making this up.

The packing extravaganza began many days prior, with what I refer to as the first sign of the official end of the season. This would be that my sewing machine went back into its travel bag, freeing up the dinette for a brief moment until the handwork and odds and ends took over. (All this occurred in addition to Dad and his sewing, I might add) I have quite a love affair going with my sewing machine, so this temporary goodbye is sometimes a little difficult. The prospect of the return to home and getting to see the kids, completely makes up for this. And, I always have a little something to work on that isn’t packed away. “Busy hands are happy hands.”


The Hag makes her exit.

This Day One of the journey north was, more or less, typical for a Daisie travel day. I managed to break a blessed martini glass as it fell out of the cupboard and onto the floor. The handle on the vent over Dad’s bed fell off. Craig lost a crown, and most likely swallowed it, and the front passenger’s side windshield of the Hag cracked in three places.


The blessed cracked windshield.

Additionally, we took a new route to Bakersfield causing the Hag to strain as it hossed us up the hills. We had the added excitement of big winds. Head winds with gusts over 50mph. It is our collective consensus that the buffeting around by the wind might have caused the window to crack. It’s a BIG piece of glass. We’re not looking forward to that repair bill, which should be in direct proportion to the size of the glass to be replaced. (LARGE)


On the road.

But, in all things there are some high points. We did make it to the Orange Grove RV Park. We were relatively unscathed. And, the oranges were plentiful. As is the norm, Dad and I picked while Craig set everything up and walked dear Stella.

Day Two was, quite fortunately, uneventful. Nothing broke or fell apart, and for this we are grateful. The drive from Bakersfield to Corning was beautiful and green. California has gotten the rain and snow they have desperately needed. We saw standing water everywhere as we headed north. It was a wonderful sight to see. I know that this is not the solution to the drought issues, but it has certainly helped.


I apologize for the spots on the window.  This was taken while rolling down the highway, going fast, fast, FAST.  You get the idea about standing water, and the grass was so green and lush.  It was beautiful.

This day number two happened to bring us to Rolling Hills Casino RV Park on a Tuesday night.


Spot the bunny.  Stella was on HIGH alert.  The. Entire. Time.

Again, our lucky day, as Tuesday (and Thursday) are half-price days (all day) at the buffet. We all know this means cooks night off. We had eaten at this buffet before and knew it was pretty good, as casino buffets go, and so we partook of the spread. The next morning, I took Dad to the breakfast buffet. It’s starts the day off right to have the Daisies well fed. Once again, that day’s drive into Oregon did not involve a crisis of any kind.


Lake Shasta.  Believe it or not.  It’s been YEARS since we’ve seen it this full of water!


More Lake Shasta.  Unbelievably wonderful.


Look at the snow on the mountains outside of Dunsmuir.



We like to spend our last night in Canyonville. This would be the last stop on the casino tour, known as Seven Feathers RV Park. It gives us a short hop to home, which allows us to be able to unload things in the daylight. Again, we dined at the $7.99 buffet. In hindsight, this might not have been the best choice. With the hiring of a new general manager and a new restaurant manager, the food quality was much better. But, in case you are wondering how we fared through all this buffet food, I will suffice it to say we have had better ideas. We’ll be avoiding buffets for a while. Too much of anything is usually a bad idea. In casino things not related to digestion, we had no big winners on this trip at any of the casinos. We ate our meals, made our donations to the various tribes, and rolled ourselves back to the Hag.

And so, Thursday around noon, we landed back at the farm. The sun was shining and the rain was absent. The neighbors said it was the first day without rain in WEEKS. We lugged our bags of mail into the house, brought wheelbarrow loads of things down to unpack, and fell back into our life at the farm. As Dorothy, from the Wizard of Oz said, “There’s no place like home!”



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2 Responses to We’re Out of Here

  1. Linda says:

    Welcome home. I so enjoy your updates . Thanks.

  2. msdaisie says:

    Thank you, Linda! It’s great to be home! Hope all is well with you and yours!

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