Don’t Stop the Rain…….Please!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Yes, it’s me.  And yet another post about the blessed yard work.  Read on at your own risk.  You’ve been warned.

We have a penchant for working. It seems to be so deeply imprinted upon our very souls that there is no escape. Ninety minutes after landing back at the farm, the Daisie men were on their respective mowers terrorizing the grass. Dad cannot rest until the lawn is mowed; it is not possible for him, and so we oblige this fixation by joining in on the fun.   I liken it to the old adage of, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

If this were all that lie waiting to be done, we would be lucky, but that is not the way of our lives. Spring means pruning, weeding, shredding, mulching, planting, etc. And so, in homage to this season of spring, we have spent our waking moments doing those very things.



The garden beds and Jonathan Apple before pruning and weeding.


How things looked after a good day’s work.

And as we labor away, I (not so silently) wish for rain. Rain puts an end to the outside activities, and quite frankly, when the downpour stops, it makes the weeding that much easier. From time to time, since our arrival back here at the farm, I have been rewarded with glorious rain, which has given my aching muscles a respite from these outdoor activities.


Adding a new box in the garden.  Ever the engineer, Dad makes sure things are on the level.




After a serious, and much needed pruning.


Alas, the work is not yet over.  This is the pile that needs to be shredded.


Shredding the prunings.

This situation does need to be put into perspective, as a lack of outdoor activities doesn’t mean idleness. It simply reflects a switch to things that can be accomplished in a drier environment. Sometimes this involves cleaning, repair work, laundry, or watching football, basketball, baseball, or tiddly-winks on TV. And know, that last event was mentioned in my dear departed Mother’s honor, as she often felt it would be something the opposite gender would be quite happy to watch. (My Mother was correct many more times than I gave her credit for.)

In the five years that we have been out here on “the farm” with Dad, these yearly tasks have become somewhat more manageable. It seems to us that it goes a little quicker, or maybe we have just succumbed to the lifestyle that is ours. There is something in the German psyche that loves to work, and even though my German heritage was supposedly watered down by my mothers’ small amount of English ancestry, apparently I still fall victim to this character attribute. Spring sees us toiling on with farm labor. What more can I say? We seem to enjoy hard work. I’ve mentioned this before. It is one of those things that dictates our daily lifestyle choices.


Take a break and think of us…….

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