Earth Day

Friday, April 22, 2016



We planted a tree today because the planting of a tree shows faith in the future.
The faith that even though we may not be here,
this tree will stand as a living reminder that we once were.
Little tree, may you grow strong and tall and provide fruit, shade, and comfort
to all who share your presence at this farm, on this green Earth.

The blessing that has been offered over every tree that I have been a witness to planting.


The little Blue Permine Apple that we blessed and planted on this day.  A gift from Celestial Farms.  This tree was lovingly grafted from a cutting taken from an heirloom tree growing at their farm in Jefferson, Oregon

Peace to you.


Earth Day wouldn’t be complete without Rhubarb Custard pie from our own rhubarb, a gift given to Mom and Dad from their good friends, and planted here at the farm some 55 years ago.

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