Happiest of Birthdays Dear Stella


A birthday collar for the birthday girl


Sunday, May 1, 2016

It is said that for any great event to occur, many small but not so insignificant things must first happen in a specific order at a given time. We are witness to this. One year ago our dear Stella the Wonderful came into our lives under a fateful set of circumstances. We had lost our beloved Wiley, while at the same time things were coming unraveled in Stella’s life. While we mourned, this grand plan was put into place, putting her on a trajectory towards us and us towards her. I count this as a gift of the highest order. Truly, the universe unfolded to bear witness to the evidence that miracles do exist and one was coming our way.

Many folks would shudder at the premise of a “mere dog” being a gift or a miracle. To those people I would simply say, you obviously haven’t loved a dog, or a cat, or a horse, or anyone of a different species. An animal friend gives you insight into another world. Each of you learns something from the other. You forge a language together that only the two of you speak. You have a comrade in your daily doings, and at the very deepest level you are blessed with the understanding of what compassion truly is all about.


So on this day, the day our dear Stella rose from death’s doorstep and remained with the living, we celebrated her. Obviously, we don’t know when her actual birthday is. She’s not talking about the past, so we picked this day, May 1, a day with meaning for all of us. While we labored with yard work, she moved from tree to tree and watched over us.


She visited with her neighbor dogs. She played Frisbee.


She’s FAST!


She likes to shake that frisbee like a…..skunk, I guess.  And then she likes to have a good chew.

She ran.


Yes, it’s a rather formidable look, but she pulls it off pretty well.

She napped.


We refer to this as “the dead dog in the gravel” look.


It seemed appropriate, on this special day, that our dining menu should feature the one food she will TAKE FROM THE TABLE. That would be hot dogs. Today I actually hand-fed her a hot dog, side-skirting the imprinting of theft. She’s a very polite little lady, so quite fortunately, this unbecoming thievery only occurs when this delicacy is in her presence. And I’m happy to say, that doesn’t happen very often. (RIP Jack, the thug who firmly believed that what was ours was his and what was his was his. He was known to create a diversion and seeing we had left our food unattended to deal with the ensuing crisis, would circle back and eat what was left unguarded.) I digress. Truly, I digress. We are well trained and are much the wiser for it.


Mmmmmm…….hot dogs…..

We also had Raspberry Champagne cupcakes in all their pink splendor, and I made some to take to our angels at Aumsville Animal. Her life is a celebration for them, too.


Ok.  Pink and Buttercup splendor.

The moral of this story:

I do believe if you are patient and alert, your reward will come in the form of miracles and life changing events. The message is pretty clear. Let your heart lead the way and good will follow you all the days of your life.

From all of the Daisies to all those who brought us this one-year anniversary of the day Stella lived,

Thank You




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6 Responses to Happiest of Birthdays Dear Stella

  1. craig tutor says:

    Stella is the best Dog ever, we love her so much.

  2. Beth and Greg says:

    Happy Birthday dear Stella!!!! You are truly a wonderful gift.

  3. Herb and Janette Stichel says:

    Happy birthday to Stella! Looks like she had quite a birthday. Those cupcakes look yummy. Stella looks very healthy, her coat is so shiny!

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