The Dog Days of Summer


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer is a good time for our wonderful Stella. She likes warm weather. The hot weather doesn’t seem to be quite as enjoyable for her. As we say, a black dog in the sun is much hotter than a lighter colored dog. This is not just our made-up logic. Pups, the neighbor dog, who has black fur, is always much hotter than her counterpart, the White Dog.

I digress. I was discussing Stella the Wonderful. She enjoys a temperate climate. We are happy to offer that to her, here at the farm, in the beautiful Willamette Valley.


Resting on the patio

She is fortunate. There are many reasons for her good luck, but in this instance it really pertains to our myriad collection of things related to leisure. We have lawn furniture to rest on. These pieces of outdoor furniture are not in the sun. In addition, they have provided a comfortable place to rest for EVERY dog that has ever come to the farm. All dogs, past and present, seem to know that these are provided for their enjoyment and relaxation. If we should happen to have company that are inclined to park themselves on said outdoor furniture, Stella is a polite hostess and simply sits with them, usually in their lap. Because EVERYONE loves Stella, this works out pretty well for her. She is quite comfortable sitting in the lap of someone, and they simply put up with a little discomfort in favor of being snuggled by a sweet dog.


A favorite lap to lay on


Another great napping spot

We also have copious amounts of lawn and grass, some concrete, (it provides a sort of radiant warmth to a dog) and then there is the gravel driveway.


A nice warm patch of concrete to rest the old bones

It goes without saying that in unpleasantly hot weather, there is the bed in the house. This would be our bed. Nice and comfy. So many choices for naps. Most days, this quandary of where to rest is solved by moving from one location to the other.


A nice pre-bedtime nap

But, the all time favorite discovery of the summer revolves around the wheelbarrow. Craig happened to be up in the shed fooling around with various things and with the wheelbarrow. He happened to put Stella’s car dog bed into the wheelbarrow. Stella, looked at the wheelbarrow, looked at Craig, and looked at the wheelbarrow. He asked her if she wanted to get in the wheelbarrow. She jumped in. He proceeded to wheel her around. Up and down the driveway. She enjoyed the ride, and a new activity was born. Yes, she does live a charmed life, but then again, life with Stella charms us maybe more than it does her. It is just the way it works, and we couldn’t be happier.


Wheelbarrow rides.  Who could resist?


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2 Responses to The Dog Days of Summer

  1. Paula Hammond says:

    Dear Jan, I love reading your posts. When I come back for my next life, I want to be your dog. I hope we get to see each other soon! It’s been too long!!! Paula

    Sent from my iPad


  2. msdaisie says:

    Paula, you may definitely come back in your next life as our dog. I will take you for wheelbarrow rides!!! In the meantime, I think you should plan a trip this way. We’ve got a decent place to park that RV and we could catch up…..It has been TOO LONG!!! Miss you, dear Paula!

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