Magical Summer



Wednesday, September 7, 2016

For the most part, we live a fairly unremarkable existence here at the farm. We tend to the things that need tending to, which means that we stay busy. I’ve mentioned this before. We are mindful of the weather and the changing of seasons and all that brings. We mow the grass, weed the flower beds, tend the garden, prune errant bushes, pick the fruit, do the laundry, fix things that need fixing, and attempt to clean up after ourselves. We have grown complacent with this life. But this summer something else happened. This magical series of events interspersed themselves with the usual goings on and turned an otherwise mundane season into a time of great anticipation, and life.

We had company. Dear friends and family members came to visit. This is not a small or insignificant thing. These people of ours came from near and far. They came to visit us ON PURPOSE. Many had not been to the farm in years.

Before each of these groups of folks arrived, they admonished me NOT to “cook or go to a lot of trouble.” As much as I understood their intent, I really did want to cook. Their presence gave me reason to cook. I had things I wanted to make, and things I wanted to serve to more than the usual three of us. Placing food on the table, for us to share, gave me the opportunity to gaze upon their beautiful faces, listen to their voices, and marvel at the wonder of it all, as we ate our meals together. They brought joy and life to our corner of the world. Their stories, their words, and their laughter breached the disconnect that sometimes makes its way into our lives.   To say that this presence graced us is an understatement. It made our summer. For me, and for my family, this IS the life in life.


My kids…….all of them……biological or not


Duplos and kids


Journaling for his school, back in Australia


My cousins, my kids, Dad, Stella, and I


“This is the track that Dad built.”


My cousin and I baked a cake while the rest of the group went on what I refer to as a: “death drive.” (More than a “three hour tour.”)


A birthday cake for my brother-in-law, who came to see us on his birthday!

And to those who I have no photos, Neil and Jenny, Don and Wendy, Jon and Trish, Dick and Helen, and John and Karen, a heart-felt thank you for coming to visit. The gift of your presence meant (and means) the world to us.  Thank you for gracing us.





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4 Responses to Magical Summer

  1. Herbie and Janette says:

    We continue to love reading your blogs and can picture everything you write about. We still live in hope we can visit you again in the future.

  2. says:

    Hi Jan I always love your blog. The picture of the flower and bee is beautiful. I hope we see you at Foy. We plan to be there early January I have a big family of biological and non-biological kids too. Aren’t we blessed Your dad looks perky as ever. Hugs Linda

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  3. msdaisie says:

    Thank you, Linda! Yes, we’ll see you at FOY, and all is well here!

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