A Little Bit of This and That

Friday, March 16, 2018

I thought I would post a few of this year’s highlights from down in the desert. Sort of a photomontage, if you will.  Life in the middle of nowhere and things that caught our fancy.


A most fabulous tostada at the Calipatria Donut Shop.  Yes, they have more than wonderful donuts.  The hamburgers are great as are the burritos, etc.


I picked up a sweet little card table and two chairs at the “Lark Spa Garage Sale.”  (It’s a nearby RV Park)


A “Darwin Moment” across the street from us.  The grey object above this dude’s head happens to be a small boulder or large rock, however you choose to see it.  He was removing a piece of metal awning that was blowing in the breeze and driving the neighbors crazy all night long.  He managed to remove the errant awning without incident.  The rock unceremoniously, blew off in the next windstorm.  No one was injured.


Carol’s cactus.  It still stands proud and tall.


Helen’s cactus, “Bob.”  It survived the long hot summer, after it’s move last March.  It is sprouting two new arms!


Repair work.  We had issues with the thermostat.  Thank you, Amazon Prime.


Yet another “Darwin Moment.”  The stabilizer for this trailer is resting on a jack stand.  It doesn’t look all that safe to me.


The full effect of how this thing is leveled…..both the front and the back stabilizers are resting on jack stands.


The Legion Fish Fry at Bombay Beach


Cotton candy……The HIGHLIGHT of the Fish Fry!


The FOY Parade.  A rather creative entry.


Best.  Milkshakes.  Ever.


The International Banana Museum


Jesus at the International Banana Museum

And this folks, is what happened during the 2 months in exile.  (Not much!)





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2 Responses to A Little Bit of This and That

  1. kdswaydan says:

    Oddly there used to be a banana museum here in Altadena, CA. Wonder if it is related? Thanks for the recap – love the pix.

  2. msdaisie says:

    Interestingly enough, the couple that own the Banana Museum wanted to do something quirky, found someone selling this collection on Ebay, BOUGHT it and set it up in this location. So, I guess it could originally be from Altadena? It’s on Hwy 111 outside of Mecca. (south of Indio) I took Dad and raved about the milkshakes so we made a second trip so Craig could have a milkshake! It’s a simple life in the middle of nowhere!

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