3 Responses to About

  1. Beth Overmyer says:

    Hello from Indianapolis!!!
    What a wonderful trip you are having! You know if you keep heading East,,,,,,,,,,,,,you will enter Indiana. And Emily is in Kansas City, MO now. but it sounds like you are heading back via a southern turn through NM? I am so glad you are enjoying both the ups and downs of a road trip.
    As my dad always told us when we departed, “be careful.”
    Love, Beth and family
    p.s. we celebrated Oscar’s first birthday today.

    • msdaisie says:

      Thanks, Beth! We are having a great time……and……I would LOVE to come to Indiana! We are on a “mission” this time. Maybe next year? As Dad told Carol, “We have to travel between “the crops, and…..well…..maybe you just need to visit us.”

      I would have loved to visit Emily. The logistics of driving this big motorhome in a city is VERY stressful for the driver. Navigation is an art, and we haven’t quite mastered it…..yet!

      Happy Birthday to Oscar! Take care, Beth! Love you and miss you!

  2. dale says:

    Hi! How amusing and fun!

    I finally got around to my Xmas mail (from the few who still send cards despite my lack if reciprocity).

    Darn, its hard to type in this form from my phone.

    Email me! Love to all, Dale

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